October 4, 2017
ROBYG Group with a record contracting lvl: 1009 units in Q3 2017

In the third quarter of 2017 ROBYG Group contracted 1009 units net (after cancellations) out of which 484 units in Warsaw and 525 in Gdansk. It is 27% more in comparison to Q3 in the previous year, when the company contracted 736 apartments. Since the beginning of 2017 ROBYG Group has signed 2702 contracts. The company expects contracting at the level of ca. 3 300 units at the end of the year, provided the market conditions remain positive. During that period handing over ca. 2 500 apartments is planned. ROBYG Group expects that the number of units handed over will greatly increase in 2018.

ROBYG Group realizes housing investments in Warsaw in following districts: Bemowo, Mokotów, Ursus, Wilanów, Wola, Tarchomin and Żoliborz and plans to launch in 2017 additional investments in Włochy. In Gdańsk the company has investments in districts: Jasień, Letnica, Wrzeszcz, Morena together with a planned one in Śródmieście.

“The increase of the contracted units is the result of a good situation in the real estate market – Polish people are still highly interested in buying apartments and investing in premises. Accurate operational decisions such as finishing the next phases of popular housing estates and starting completely new projects e.g. Osiedle Życzliwa in Tarchomin district or Ogrody Wilanów, will help to maintain the growth dynamics in the following quarters and resulted in this one with a record contracting level in company’s history. ROBYG Group’s investments enjoy high demand among the buyers – the finished units comprise only 3% of all apartments available. The company has a land bank that ensures safe development and the possibility of launching new projects in the upcoming quarters. ROBYG Group’s lands have enough area to build ca. 12 000 apartments in Warsaw and Gdansk. The current ROBYG’s offer includes about 2 300 units in both cities. ROBYG Group consistently develops ongoing projects – recently building permits have been received for the next phases of Stacja Nowy Ursus and Forum Wola investments. To ensure the dynamic growth, the company is planning to enter the market in Krakow or Wroclaw said Oscar Kazanelson, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.


ROBYG Group in Q1 2017 achieved revenues of PLN 215 million and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company reached over PLN 28 million. The company has increased the prognosis for 2017 relating to the net profit to PLN 105 million. The company expects ca. 2 500 units to be recognized in revenues. 


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