October 4, 2017
Moto Data
The danger of buying used tyres – Moto Data’s research

The purchase of used tyres of an unclear history carries the risk of potential danger for all road users and according to Moto Data’s research up 32%1 of drivers buy them. 68%2 of those surveyed chooses to change to brand-new tyres. What’s astonishing is that every third driver is willing to take the grave personal risk of driving on tyres they know nothing about.  A tyre is not a stone – it cannot endure everything.

Tyres can be easily damaged. All it takes is a long ride on underinflated tyres, a random scrape on a kerb whilst fast driving or plunging into a hole in the road – in such cases the inner layers (carcass or steel belts) of tyres become damaged. We also expose ourselves to damage by choosing car services with poor standards, where the staff uses old, unserviced machinery and while taking the tyre off the rim they wreck its bead. Such damage cannot be discovered just by visual inspection when purchasing directly, not to mention over the internet. These malfunctions can be examined by doing an X-ray scan. Even the brand-new tyres are examined in such a way during final quality control by tyre manufacturers. While purchasing used tyres we have to rely on the dealer’s word. Everyone has to ask themselves this question – is their word a sufficient guarantee for our safety and the safety of our families?

In light of the growing number of road accidents3 in Poland, we must pay special attention to the technical condition of the most important car components – and as we know tyres are the only part of vehicle in contact with the road.


Used tyres pose big danger of sudden breakdowns or damage of car subassemblies. Such tyres could have been misused, unprofessionally serviced or stored at improper temperatures. Tyres, which at a fist glance seem to be in a good condition, can have latent defects, which in traffic conditions can lead to life-threatening situations. Such tyres can for example break while driving and cause a major road accident. Unfortunately, buying used tyres is a relatively frequent phenomenon among Polish drivers – 32%4 of subjects admitted to purchasing such tyres for their cars. According to research some drivers buy their tyres from unreliable sources such as various classified advertising websites. Investments in new tyres should be treated as the voice of reason –  scrimping on tyres takes a toll on our safety says Tadeusz Kuncy from Moto Data.


According to research conducted by Moto Data, 16%5 of drivers buys used tyres from advertising websites, with high probability of latent defects or excessive wear. Caution should be exercised when dealing with tyres of an unclear history – they could have taken part in an accident or have a defect that rules out their suitability. At the same time, it is important to remember that a few year-old, unused tyre, which was stored in proper conditions, does not lose its drivability and is perfectly safe for use.

Another thing evident from Moto Data’s research is that 57% of drivers buy tyres in auto-repair shops, car services, service stations and specialised shops – in such places we can count on expert’s guidance and their knowledge of all technical specifications of tyres.



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