July 19, 2017
Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA)
Good condition of tyres guarantees safe holidays

Every driver knows that it is necessary to check engine oil and coolant levels before long trips. Equally important is to ensure proper tyre condition – controlling its pressure, tread depth and overall status is essential before each  long haul/drive. Unfortunately, according to Moto Data, only 42% of drivers regularly check tyre pressure. Tread depth and pressure value are tyre parameters that have a significant impact on safety and driving economics.

According to regulations the minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. Below this value tyres are not suitable for driving: they do not provide adequate traction and lose their driving characteristics. Driving on tyres with a tread below 1.6 mm is not only dangerous– police can withdraw the driver's license and punish the driver with traffic ticket.

„Drivers often forget about proper control of tyres in their cars. Measuring the state of the tyres inaccurately can lead to tragic consequences. Even a mere failure can spoil our holiday and generate additional costs. That is why consistent driver education on safety standards and the proper operation of the most important components of the car is very important” – says Piotr Sarnecki, General Director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association. „Eventually, the tyre is the third – after the turbine and the shaft in the engine –  fastest rotating element in the car and most of the time the consequences of its sudden puncture are dreadful. Therefore, the pressure level should be always measured with a pressure gauge” – he adds.


Proper tyre pressure and appropriate tread depth also help to avoid the danger of aquaplaning that can occur on wet road. Aquaplaning involves the formation of a water wedge between the surface and the tyre, after which the car starts to slip and lose traction. Tyres with correct pressure and deep tread are very important factors in reducing the risk of aquaplaning in addition to the speed adjusted to driving conditions.


Appropriate car preparation for holiday trips will save us a lot of stress and above all, it will improve our safety. Ensuring proper tyre pressure will reduce the likelihood of sudden breakdowns, such as puncture, it will also help to keep the car's optimum driving  characteristics. During the long drive , economics is also important – too low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance, which negatively affects the amount of fuel consumed” – says Piotr Sarnecki. 


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