August 23, 2017
Moto Data
16% of drivers buy tyres on car markets or junkyards

The majority of Polish drivers value the direct contact with the seller when buying tyres – 57% surveyed in order to acquire new set of tyres would go to car service, authorized shop or tyre service. Up to 25%1 of drivers use the internet, where on-line search and comparison engines can be found. Unfortunately, as many as 16% of Moto Data survey respondents declare that they buy tyres on junkyard or car market.

Drivers who buy tyres in such places risk driving on a low quality or faulty tyres, which often are not suitable for further use. Properly suited tyres are vital elements in providing driving safety. Buiyng tyres from unauthorized source puts every road user at risk.


Tyre purchase is an important decision for every driver. Well fitted, high quality tyres bought in an authorized shop with an expert’s help, increase our road safety. The fact, that 16% of car users buy tyres on car markets or junkyards is a disturbing signal. Drivers do not know the history of such tyre – it could be dangerously damaged and there is no way to examine it properly. The purchase of such tyre is a roulette” – says Taduesz Kuncy from Moto Data.

25%1 of respondents buy tyres via internet, where many modern websites regarding tyre purchase and service were recently created. They can provide drivers with various technical information on tyres – it is an essential condition when buying tyres online.


While purchasing, drivers should remember that the tyre is not a product with a limited expiration date like for instance food. Bought, unused tyres could have been produced a few years ago. Such tyres, if stored properly in warehouse or factory’s storage, have the same parameters as the newly produced one. The main factor affecting tyre condition is their exploitation, not the storage time.

For drivers who buy new tyres in tyre or car repair services, the Polish Tyre Industry Association has prepared a special information material. 5,000 of the largest automotive services have been equipped with graphics explaining the markings on the tires. It will help drivers and service workers to choose the right tire for the conditions and type of car.

1 Source: Moto Data 2017


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