August 22, 2017
ROBYG introduces to sale 73 apartments in Ogrody Wilanów

Due to the great success of ROBYG Group's cosy investment in the Warsaw’s Wilanów, the Group has launched another phase of the project. Within the next building of Ogrody Wilanów there will be 73 premises with metrages from 30 sqm to 119 sqm. The construction works on this phase of the project are scheduled to begin in Q3 2018 and to finish in Q4 2019. This is another investment of ROBYG Group in Wilanów, where the Group is present from the very beginning, creating one of Warsaw's favorite living spaces with service units and complete infrastructure. All apartments in the new investment will be equipped with Smart House system allowing remote control of home appliances.

Within the whole Ogrody Wilanów estate 225 units of varied size will be built.


„The cosy Ogrody Wilanó  w investment is carried out faster than planned. This is due to unfailing demand – especially in this part of Warsaw.. In recent months, we have launched several new investments in different, very attractive locations – it’s a good predictor of contracting levels for the next quarters, with assumed sales of 3300 units throughout 2017. It will complement the record-breaking first half of the year, when the company signed contracts for 1693 units – a result which put us once again as the leader among stock market developers. Our priority is matching the offer to the needs of our customers, therefore Ogrody Wilanów combine the features of the green refuge with easy access to all the attractions of Miasteczko Wilanów and the Warsaw city center. Wide variety of apartments’ areas was  designed in order to fit diverse needs. As a result, flats are attractive for young people, singles, or those acquiring the first place, as well as families with children – for which large-scale, very functionally laid out premises are dedicated” – says Joanna Chojecka, Sales Director of ROBYG.

Miasteczko Wilanów is a dream home for many people and a lifestyle too. The historic district commits developers to design in a spirit of elegance and using natural, high quality materials – just like in the Ogrody Wilanów. At the same time, Miasteczko Wilanów is vibrant with life – numerous cafes, restaurants, service points and recreational areas make everything needed for both relaxing and living in a big city available at hand. All these features and very good commuting with the rest of the city – in terms of the location of the car routes and the public transport – makes the district dynamic and very young – regarding both the spirit and age of the residents. This is where the greatest number of Varsovians is born – no wonder, because in addition to good atmosphere there are also numerous educational institutions from nurseries to schools. Everything that distinguish Wilanów, is arranged into Ogrody Wilanów with an addition of  elegance close to green areas, combined with modern technology and services in the investment – adds Joanna Chojecka. 


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