September 21, 2017
ROBYG Group: fourth stage of Stacja Nowy Ursus with a building permit

ROBYG Group received a building permit for the 4th stage of Stacja Nowy Ursus investment, located near Posagu 7 Panien 10 street in Warsaw. Next phase of the estate that is currently on sale, consists of 227 apartments in metrages from 32 sqm to 80 sqm – all of them will be equipped with the Smart House system that allows to control work of electronic devices, lighting and heating. Construction works on new stage have already began in Q3 2017, and their completion is planned for Q4 2018. In the Stacja Nowy Ursus investment 1,000 apartments with a total area of approx. 51.5 thousand. sqm will be built – also full commercial and service infrastructure will be provided. 

„Apartments in Stacja Nowy Ursus, where ROBYG Group will soon start construction works in the next stage, are a good proposition for those seeking both home for themselves and their families – it is a well-communicated, attractive place to live, and a service infrastructure is also nearby. This is a good offer also for those who want to invest capital. There are clear signals from the Polish real estate market – the purchase of apartments is one of the most profitable ways to locate the capital. Interest rates on bank deposits are declining, and the money loose the value due to inflation. The designation of savings for real estate is profitable in the long run - for example, fixed income from rental can allow other investments. The key aspects that determine the success of the ROBYG estate in Ursus include: easy access to most parts of the city thanks to the bypass and the favorable price/quality ratio offered in the project” – said Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.  

„Ursus is seen as an attractive location due to its secluded nature – yet the inhabitants have at their disposal a full range of services, including a rich cultural and entertainment offer. The district is currently experiencing intense development – the city spends resources on infrastructure, from parks to recreational areas, also schools and kindergartens, which is especially important for young people planning to settle in this part of Warsaw. An additional asset of Stacja Nowy Ursus is fiiting all the apartments with Smart House – technology that allows to save on bills, such as electricity, and to regulate heating using a smartphone. ROBYG also takes care of safety – that is why cameras and motion sensors are installed” – added Oscar Kazanelson. 


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