March 21, 2019
ROBYG Group anticipates faster expansion in 2019

ROBYG Group plans for 2019 include increasing both the number of units sold – to around 2700, as well as transferred to the customers – to as much as 2800-300 units. At the same time, the company assumes increasing its activities and portfolio on the Wroclaw market – in regard to dynamic introduction of units for sale in that city – as well as considers expanding to another large Polish city. This expansion strategy is a response to the market’s needs and is based on the potential of the international strategic investor – Brick Acqusitions Limited – a subject of The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

ROBYG Group – including resignation – contracted 2520 units (valued at about PLN 1 billion) and recognized over 2700 units in its financial results in 2018.


„ROBYG Group is distinguishes itself with stability and realization of commitments to the market and customers. In 2018, the company achieved its sales goal and expanded to the Wroclaw market, which becomes more and more dynamic. Based on ROBYG Group’s macroeconomic situation and estimated investment completion schedule analysis, the company anticipates year 2019 to exceed 2018 in sales and recognition. Strategic goals are realized consistently – e.g. expansion to other cities, or the creation of large, complex investments. Taking these factors into account, we are convinced that further increasing the scale of our activity and securing our position on the Polish developer market is very much real” – stated Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA.

ROBYG Group is active in Warsaw, Gdansk and Wroclaw. ROBYG means over 15 years of experience, over 20 000 units sold and 60 000 satisfied customers. The Group holds a secure position in the country – ROBYG currently has around 5500 units being built, and the company’s full offer amount to over 2200 apartments, which means a wide selection for our customers.


„All of the market’s signals indicate that the year 2019 will continue 2018’s trends. Increases in housing prices are noticed – correlated, among others, with the rise of land and contracting prices, with still high levels of demand. At the same time a halt in interest rates on current, pretty low level, is expected – which additionally encourages buyers. What’s important, thanks to complex planning, ROBYG Group offers units with tempting prices while still maintaining good margins” Oscar Kazanelson adds.


In November 2018, ROBYG Group – in line with declarations – began activities in Wroclaw. In the ROBYG Jagodno investment – in all stages – around 50 000 sqm, which means over 900 apartments in differing building are going to be produced: intimate private houses, atrium houses and modern multi-family buildings. ROBYG Group is the first developer on the market to offer the Smart House system in standard, without any extra cost.


ROBYG Group’s most important data:


Units sold after Q3 2018

PLN 532 mln 

Revenue after Q3 2018

PLN 360 mln  

Combined worth of debentures placed in 2018

PLN 108 mln  

Investments in Warsaw up to Q3 2018

PLN 62 mln 

Investments in Gdansk and Wroclaw up to Q3 2018


2017 contractation

over 2100 

Units recognized in 2017’s revenue

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