March 29, 2019
ROBYG Group – over 1 billion in revenue in 2018

ROBYG Group recorded a revenue of over PLN 1 billion in 2018 – which means an increase by over 40% y/y and includes the proceeds from the transfer of over 2700 units. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to PLN 134 million, consequently 21% more than in 2017. EBIT reached PLN 224 million, which is an increase by almost 29% when comparing to 2017. In 2018 – as declared – the company initiated operations in the Wroclaw market, where first units have already been sold. The Group presold 2520 units in total. In 2018, the company bought land allowing for building of over 4000 housing units for PLN 200 million .

The company's Management Board recommended the payment of a dividend from the profit  of 2018 in the amount of PLN 0,38 per share.


In 2019 ROBYG Group aims to increase both the number of units sold – to about 2700, and even 2800-3000 apartments handed over to the customers. Achieving this goal is supported by the Jagodno project in Wroclaw, in which about 50 000 sqm, or over 900 apartments in differing buildings, are going to be constructed. It is to be stressed, that  ROBYG Group is the first developer in Wroclaw – as well as in the entire country – offering its clients the Smart House System in standard, at no additional cost.


„Results achieved by ROBYG Group in 2018 are the effect of a well planned and executed strategy. It is worth emphasizing, that the company exceeded PLN 1 billion in revenue, which, together with the expansion in Wroclaw and support of a strategic investor strengthens the Group’s position in the  polish housing market and creates good prospects for the coming years. In 2018, all the goals were achieved: entering a new market, satisfactory unit sale volumes and recognition in revenue , placement of bonds valued PLN 360 million, as well as investing over PLN 200 million in a land bank. The company’s financial results exceeded even those noted in previous years, perceived as record-breaking for the industry.The increase in profits by over 20% is the effect of careful planning – well-located investments, which match Poles’ needs, while maintaining margins profitable for the Group– said Oscar Kazanelson, Chairman of the Supervisory Board ROBYG SA.

ROBYG Group is active in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wroclaw. ROBYG means over 15 years of experience, over 20 000 units sold and 60 000 satisfied customers. The Group holds a strong position in the country – ROBYG has around 2900 units under construction and  the company’s full offer in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wroclaw amounts to over 2600 apartments in total, which means a wide range of choice for the customers.


„The strategic investor’s support and the experience of ROBYG Group’s specialists, a strong position on the market and an ever-high demand for housing units all give reasons to believe that the ambitious plan of presales of approx.  2700 units and recognition in revenues of 2800-3000 units is possible to achieve. It means that the Group should note a grow steadily and have excellent basis for the expansion to new markets – in large Polish cities” – adds Oscar Kazanelson.

ROBYG Group’s most important data: 





3471 – units sold

2520 – units sold

2900 – number of units under construction

2100 – units handed over in 2017

2500 – units handed over in 2018

2600 – number of units currently in the offer


Over PLN 1 billion – revenue in 2018




PLN 360 mil. – Total value of bonds placed in 2018













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