May 20, 2014
SALESmanago Marketing Automation hits 1000 customers and adds new breakthrough products

SALESmanago, a Poland based cloud marketing automation platform, reported 300% revenue growth in first quarter 2014 and with over 1000 customers in 10 countries is the fastest growing European marketing automation. SALESmanago is also introducing new products in the area of anonymous marketing automation and next gen customer behavioral tracking based on nonSQL technologies.

According to Datanyze analysis of market share SALESmanago is among TOP 12 world’s largest marketing automation platforms. “We are very active in whole Europe where the major US based marketing automation platforms are not that visible. What is especially important for us is that the pace of adoption of marketing automation technology in Central Europe – our primary market – is really high and this pace still accelerates.” – says Greg Blazewicz, CEO & Founder SALESmanago Marketing Automation.


SALESmanago offers a complete suite of products for marketers including: website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic e-mails with personalized product offers, dynamic website content and personalization in ad networks and direct sales channels. In the nearest product release SALESmanago will add a completely new set of products enriching the current platform’s functionalities anonymous marketing automation and new tools for customer behavioral tracking based on nonSQL technologies.


Anonymous marketing automation includes (i) integration with RTB platforms enabling the use of behavioral and transactional data gathered in the system in order to nurture anonymous users in advertising networks and (ii) integration with e-mail databases providers that will enable marketer to send tailored e-mail offer in the right time to the anonymous user that has entered website but to whom the marketer has no e-mail address.


Next Gen Behavioral tracking will enable marketer to collect a totally new set of data about the identified users in the database. Typically, advanced marketing automation platforms provide complete data related to visited urls, time spent and source of visit. Thanks to new SALESmanago proprietary technology based on web sensors the marketer will additionally get full information related to behavior on single webpage – scrolling and mouse tracking – which will help marketer define which exact parts of website content were interesting to the user without even clicking on them. The gathering, analyzing and using this huge amounts of data in real-time marketing will be possible thanks to nonSQL technologies like Mongo DB and Cassandra.


“We started building SALESmanago only three years ago and have built it using already known at this time nonSQL technologies. We are not overstretched with technical debt relating to using older technologies which make it difficult to cope with the real big data issues connected with behavioral data collection and real time marketing.” – says Greg Blazewicz, SALESmanago CEO& Founder.


In March 2014 the company secured 1,7 mln USD funding from Rafal Brzoska, The founder of InPost -  the world’s largest parcel lockers network operating in 20 countries.


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