April 11, 2022
ROBYG Group – contractation in Q1 2022

In Q1 2022 ROBYG Group signed 638 net reservation agreements and also signed over 600 developer and preliminary agreements in Warsaw, Trójmiasto, Poznan and Wrocław. The group recognized in revenues app. 280 premises.

In March 2022 TAG Immobilien AG – a leading investor on the real estate market and leading professional residentential rental company in Germany, with over 85,000 apartments for rent in its portfolio – has finalized the purchase of 100% of ROBYG shares. Thus, ROBYG will start shortly to launch its offer for the PRS segment – apartments for rent – while continuing the successfully conducted offer for the sale of premises in four cities in Poland: Warsaw, Tricity, Wrocław and Poznań. The Supervisory Board of ROBYG SA will continue to be head by Oscar Kazanelson the current chairman of the Supervisory Board.

In Q1 of 2022 we have had many events in Europe and in Poland and some events specific to Robyg, the war in Ukraine , the infliction increase and new tax regulations had affected us all. The sale of 100% of Robyg Shares by Bricks to TAG Immobilien AG, one of the leading residential for rent institutions in Germany, the sale was concluded on March 31st 2022, brought us to relook at our land bank and divert part of it for resi for rent (PRS), TAG has already bought two years ago Vantage development in Poland and during 2022 we are planning to combine both companies operations, bringing the consolidated group to be the largest residential developer in the Polish market and to set a new standard for PRS in the Polish market. Our aim is to have 20,000 apartments for rent by year end 2027 and parallel, we plan to continue the sale of apartments at the level of 2500 apartments per year. Sale of apartments this quarter was also more challenging, high level of uncertainty which came from introduction of new tax laws and regulations, the increase of interest rate and higher inflation rate, the new regulations of credit ability by the banks, all that led to pressure for some of the clients concerning their ability to obtain finance and their financial situation. The war between Russia and Ukraine and the humanitarian refugee crise that it creating also contributed to the uncertainty and fear of people. Adding to the challenges are the rapid increase in the constructions costs the shortage in constructions materials, general prices increase, the availability of land for constructions in the large cities all leading to apartment shortage and price increase. Following the war between Russia and Ukraine and the refugee humanitarian crise it brought us, Robyg has taken immediate steps to support by its people on personal volunteering actions and financial support to aid organizations, Robyg Jointly with TAG already allocated PLN 500,000 for support” – said Eyal Keltsh, vice president of the Management Board of ROBYG Group.

In 2021 ROBYG Group recorded sales revenues of PLN 1,3 billion. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was PLN 396,7 million – higher by 88,3% than in 2020, and EBIT PLN 490,6 million – increase by 82,3%. In 2021 ROBYG Group signed over 4300 developer and preliminary agreements in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznan and Wrocław – which means 57% more than in 2020. The company signed 4276 net reservation agreements and recognized in revenues app. 2940 premises.


ROBYG pays special attention to ESG, which consists of ecology, social commitment and corporate governance. Robyg announced at the end of 2021 its ESG strategy and published its first impact report, in Q2 2022 Robyg is planning to publish its first ESG report.


ROBYG Group has once again raised the standard of flats in its investments and is introducing innovative, ecological facade paints that absorb pollution. The exceptional quality of ROBYG includes above-standard height of apartments, balconies, loggias or terraces in each apartment, wooden windows, soundproofing, videophones, fiber optic installations, as well as a lobby with a porter and LED lighting of common areas powered by photovoltaic panels. In addition, ROBYG designs large green areas, rain gardens, playgrounds, gyms, bicycle stations, HD video monitoring and electric car chargers in each housing estate. There are special walking areas, as well as birdhouses and insect houses. Each flat is equipped as standard with the Smart House by Keemple system, enabling savings of energy up to 50%.


This year, ROBYG has introduced electric car chargers in its housing estates – the connection infrastructure will be available in garages in most buildings. In addition, selected investments will have external charging points – generally accessible to residents.


The mission ESG in ROBYG means care, responsibility and support includes the creation of communities of residents, environmental protection, the use of ecological solutions, energy saving, functionality, safety, sustainable construction, training and anti-corruption programs, corporate governance and an extensive CSR program - support for those in need. The assumptions that guide the concept of corporate social responsibility are permanently included in the strategy of the ROBYG Group. Housing is a unique area of economic activity – and its impact on society is enormous. Newly constructed buildings change the face of entire districts, which is why ROBYG believes that the implementation of the investment involves more than just erecting a building. The new housing estate is part of a larger organism, which is the city – therefore the design must fit perfectly into the surrounding space. A competent developer – such as the ROBYG Group – begins planning a new investment by analysing its impact on the immediate surroundings, the district and the city itself.


ROBYG has made a decision to switch to 100% renewable energy in the construction processes within the next two years, i.e. by the end of 2024. It intends to achieve this by taking into account the suppliers with the greatest possible share of energy from renewable sources in the energy purchasing process - and from 2024, only green energy. Such a step will significantly reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The company has also made official commitments to report CO2 emissions and increase the share of renewable energy in its operations.


The ROBYG Group has been involved in local initiatives for years, supporting art, culture, education and sport. The company also undertook numerous activities related to helping in the face of the coronavirus epidemic - it actively supported the needy, seniors and insurgents, as well as medical institutions. In addition, the Group's CSR program includes the implementation and free transfer of public infrastructure projects to districts and citie

ROBYG has 28,000 units sold and over 80,000 satisfied customers.


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